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This is the civilization of rapid transitions and innovations at breakneck speeds making human life comfortable in every aspect. Generally, a dire necessity or a problem leads to a form of innovation and the products that originate through that innovation become a sensation like mobile phones or other portable gadgets that allow us to perform regular activities without the restriction of place. The product in consideration here is a portable charger for smartphones which can solve a particular issue that has been arising for some time. This report is regarding the marketing of this specific product and covering the aspects of how the product is to be marketed.

The product in question is a portable charger for smartphones as well as tablets which can be used to fully charge a smartphone at least once after the device itself has been fully charged. The portable charger has a metal covered matte finish body with a USB port for charging the smartphone and a micro-USB port for charging the device. The portable charger also has a battery indicator and a button. When the button is pressed, the indicator displays the amount of battery charging capacity in the device. The device is sold along with a USB cable for charging the phone a small cloth bag for keeping the device and the USB cable. The variants of the device start from 4000 mAh and are available in 7000mAh and 14,000 mAh. The device comes in two color options, black and white. The charging capacity after 6 months of usage deteriorates up to 10% which is a positive selling factor as it is less compared to the other devices in the market. Some higher variants of the device contain dual USB ports so that two smartphones can be charged simultaneously from the device.


With the advent of smartphones and their rapid expansion in the market, people have started utilizing smartphones for many daily activities related to business as well as for recreation. The drawback regarding smartphones that is profound in the market right now is about their limited battery power which hinders and limits the required or prolonged usage smartphones. This problem has been occurring in not one but many brands of cellphones. Smartphone brands have tried increasing the battery capacities of their phones but still due to heavy amount of usage, smartphone users are not satisfied with the battery capacity of their phones. If the problem regarding the battery capacity and longevity gets solved then it will aid the sales of every smartphone brand and will impact the level of convenience for the customers.

As attempts have been made by smartphone companies to increase the battery life of smartphones and still the problem persists, it is clear that the problem cannot be solved through a modification in the smartphone itself. The solution of the problem lies in a portable device which can be used to easily charge a device anywhere. If the battery capacity of the charge is able to charge the battery of a smart phone completely once, then a user can conveniently use a phone consistently for more than 12 hours. This conveniently solves the battery capacity problem of smartphone users. An average smartphone is able to survive 7 to 8 hours in a day (with heavy usage), but if a portable charge it used, a smartphone will can be operated for at least 15 hours even if the device is used consistently.

The target market for this product will be a smartphone user who uses his/her phone extensively throughout the day. The world average of people using their smartphones throughout the day is 89% and UAE has witnessed a smartphone penetration of a whopping 78% and is rising steadily. So, out of 9.4 million people in UAE (Trading Economics, 2015), more than 7 million people own smartphones. According to another survey, the population in UAE which owns smartphones spends average 5 hours on social media and considering 3 more hours of usage related to other applications and phone calls, it can be easily concluded that UAE smartphone users use their smartphones throughout the day. (Days, 2015) The target market are the smartphone users of UAE who use their smartphones for around 8-9 hours a day. So out of the 7 million smartphone users in the population, It can be safely assumed that 5 million from this pool use their smartphones excessively and will benefit by the usage of a portable changer.

The average price of a portable charger in UAE is from 90 AED to 150 AED which is affordable for many smartphone users but it is still a high amount for a portable/additional device for lower middle class smartphone users. The portable charger market of UAE is governed mostly by small companies like Foxx, Anker and Stalion which provide variants in portable changers according to their battery capacity. The competitors provide various options but with relatively high prices. The reliability of these devices is low and the battery charging capacity of these devices lowers over time.

The leader of the team is the marketing manager who will coordinate with the sales and communication department to formulate the sales pitch for marketing the product in the best possible manner. The sales team will analyze the market for distributors and the communication department will aid in deciding the right medium for advertising the product in the market.

The array of portable devices in the market have a voltage capacity ranging from 3000 mAh to 16000 mAh. The devices when attached to the phone do not give rise to the risk of an explosion but depending on the brand of the smartphone, the smartphone itself might heat up due to charging but it does not mount to very high temperatures and remains in a safe range. The battery is a Lithium Ion battery enclosed with high quality metal and plastic material making it a safe device.
The total budget of marketing this product will be 60,000 AED which will be divided among different elements in the following manner.
Name Amount
Advertising 15,000 AED
Communication/ Web Interactive 5,000 AED
Sales Support 10,000 AED
Salaries of Marketing Department 5,000 AED
Salaries of Sales Department 5,000 AED
Salaries of Communications Department 5,000 AED
Public Relations 5,000 AED
Brand Awareness 10,000 AED

The milestones that the product aims to achieve is that it should be available in a feasible price range and in different variants (in different voltage capacities). It is also one of the goals that advertising should be conducted by conducting stalls in malls or market areas. The advertising of the product through web sites related to electronics, smartphone reviewers as well as e-commerce websites is a milestone for the company. The sales of devices through e-commerce websites through distributors is also an upcoming milestone which has to be achieved.

The portable charging device is an already available product in the market but the enhancement in the aspects of charging capacity and price range is attractive compared to competitors. The marketing campaign concentrates on the customer’s necessity to operate smartphones extensively throughout the day has been emphasized and the product is a suitable solution of the customer’s problem and provides a feasible option to the customer. The marketing campaign has been financed in a manner that proper budget has been allotted to activities of online marketing and advertising through appropriate mediums. The advertising campaign has focused on the appropriate target market to sell the product keeping in mind the safety issues aligned with the product. The marketing team has been able to generate an appropriate sales pitch and a marketing campaign for the product.


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March 8, 2018

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