Report on Private Business Plans and strategies of DP World

Introduction 3
Organizational Structure 4
Goals and Objectives 5
Goals 5
Vision 5
Strategic Plan 6
Financial Strategy 6
Customer Strategies 6
Operational Strategies 6
Human Resources Plan 7
Correlation between Strategic plan, HR plan and Organizational structure 8
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DP WORLD is a pioneer in terms of private businesses in UAE, as it is considered to be one of the top ten companies in UAE and one of the most wide-reaching marine terminal operators globally. It is a company operating in the transportation sector, mainly in the marine transportation department. DP WORLD is established in 6 continents and is based in Dubai. Established in the year 2005 from the amalgamation of the Dubai Ports Authority and DPI Terminals (Dubai ports International) it has reached the crowning spot of a leading global port operator. (DP World: history, 2014)
Goals and Objectives

The Overall Goals of DP WORLD include:
 Substantially improving utilization of assets
 Increment in productivity
 Finding new and improving the current sources of revenue
 Increased profits through cost reduction
(Annual Report, 2013)

“The Vision of DP WORLD suggests that they looking at unceasing worldwide growth, providing better service and achieving corporate excellence.” (Annual Report, 2013)

Organizational Structure

(Thaniah, 2006)
As Evident in the chart, the organizational structure of DP WORLD is lead By a VPs of various departments and their CFO, COO and CIO, which is actually a customary method of managerial hierarchy.

Strategic Plan

DP WORLD is aiming for introducing a new framework for providing an improved way of communicating the strategy of their company using a balanced scorecard framework. (Annual Report, 2013)
Financial Strategy

The financial strategies for DP WORLD show strategic portfolio adjustment, monetizing assets in china and their new development which is the Jebel Ali Port in UAE. (Annual Report, 2013)

Customer Strategies

Introduction of the new software “Planning Terminal Operations” for easy understanding of the working of the live operations used in DP WORLD. “My World” employee engagement survey was demonstrated in 2013 for getting to know the crucial people in the industry. (Annual Report, 2013)

Operational Strategies

DP WORLD brought forward industry’s largest ever programme for asset management which is capable of handling their assets throughout the world for productivity improvement and wastage minimization which also catalyses customer service.
5000 truck drivers at Jebel Port were enrolled for a safety programme aiming a riskless environment.
As Energy Usage Reduction is a global goal for any industry, DP WORLD has joined hands with Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) on world environment day which will result in DCCE evaluating the working method of the company to compete with global standards. (Annual Report, 2013)

Human Resources Plan

The 30,000 strong workforce of DP WORLD is governed by the method which gives them a superior edge. IT covers the following steps:
Substantial improvement in the hard-working employee base.
Recruitment policy suggests taking candidates which share the same level of enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and loyalty which results in the company rewarding them with internal promotion.
iLearn learning management system being operated online imparts pervasive and convenient learning solutions for employee workforce.
Seal Inspection Platform and Quay Edge Protection help in minimizing injury and risk to the employees.
(Annual Report, 2013)

Correlation between Strategic plan, HR plan and Organizational structure

The Inter-relationship between these key aspects of the organization suggest that although DP WORLD
Is following a traditional hierarchy structure since the beginning, the company is well-run by providing a
humongous workforce with sizable perks and security and organization’s calculated and improvised
strategies guarantee sustainable growth and development for the already world-leading company. The
overall enhancement of strategies in all the departments which seem fit for such an Industrial giant are
laying down groundwork for further improvement not sacrificing employee satisfaction.

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