Report On Relation Between Organizational Learning & Performance

Relation between Organizational Learning and Organizational Performance


Relation between Organizational Learning and Organizational Performance

In the current scenario of industrial and business development and the rigorous competetion that accompanies it, it is absolutely necessary that the employees and members that are the part of this organization are highly qualified and equipped with superior knowledge of the field to compete with businesses and deal with the modern complex problems that arise with the day-to-day business activities.
The modern business world and organizational operations require employees to observe a situation and analyze it as quickly and accurately as possible. It is also required that the employees should adapt to changing rules and circumstances as quickly as possible because the current business environment demands flexibility and adaptability from the employees and leaders of the organization. Innovation also has a high regard among the qualities that are expected from an employee as some situations may demand a creative outcome and an innovative vision to handle certain situations. As newer employees enter the organizations, it becomes a bit tedious for the organization and it is not convenient for the organization if the employee consumes a lot of time to adapt to the work and organizational structure. So, to get rid of this situation there is a requirement generated for highly qualified and focused individuals for the organizations to survive in the modern competitive business world.
There is a clear relationship between the level of knowledge they are imparted regarding organizations and their performance while functioning within the organization. To establish this fact, a co-relational field study was fabricated with several detailed techniques of ascertaining the relation between the two factors under observation. The analysis involved the subjects being taught in the management institutes where the employees are sourced from and the relevance of the subjects in current operations. Organizational learning has many different aspects and dimensions which were taken into account during these studies. The hypotheses clearly suggested that there was a clear link between organizational learning and organizational performance.
Recent factor affecting the industries and organization like globalization and the critical need to conserve the environment make it crucial for the employees that they are equipped with the capabilities to deal with the changing factors through optimized organizational learning.
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March 8, 2018

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