Report on Retail Finance and Marketing Policies & Strategies used by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction of the organization 2
2. Introduction of the organization’s product 3
2.1. Marketing mix of the ADCB’s product 3
2.1.1. Product: 3
2.1.2. Price: 4
2.1.3. Promotion 4
2.1.4. Place 4
2.1.5. People 4
2.1.6. Process 5
2.1.7. Positioning 5
2.1.8. Performance 5
3. Introduction of a new product for ADCB 5
3.1. Marketing Mix for TCMB 6
3.1.1. Product: 7
3.1.2. Price: 7
3.1.3. Promotion: 8
3.1.4. Place: 8
3.1.5. People: 8
3.1.6. Process: 8
3.1.7. Positioning: 9
3.1.8. Performance: 9
4. Proactive Customer Service 9
5. Involvement of staff 10
6. Conclusion 10
7. References 11

Introduction of the organization
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is a bank in UAE. It serves to be one of the biggest bank in UAE on the basis of the capitalisation in the market and funds pertaining to the shareholders. It is very commonly known as ADCB. It was established in 1985 in the form of a public company that handled the shareholders and had restricted liability. It has 58.5% of its shares to be held by the Aby Dhabi Investment Authority, whereas the renaming share are owned by the organisations and people. It is a public based joint company that provides stocks with more than 48 branches in UAE. It has more than 3500 employees in their different branches and their market capitalisation in UAE was AED 23 billion, in 2013 (ADCB.COM, 2015).
It stands at 3rd position in UAE and second position in Abu Dhabi in terms of the assets held by any bank. It revolutionized the banking experience in UAE and has won many awards in the banking and financial field which includes the Gulf Business Industry Awards in 2015. It provides the people of UAE with wide range of banking and financial products, plans and schemes that would accommodate any business in UAE. It has a very dedicated and expert team of managers, employees and are also involved in social awareness campaigns like the one for the breast awareness campaign through introducing of pink month, recently, in their organizations (ADCB.COM, 2015).
There are various marketing policies and strategies that are used by ACDB for understanding the needs of the people and providing them with customized plans for their businesses. They have very well adopted and utilised the 8 P’s of marketing mix in their products which will be discussed further in the report.
Introduction of the organization’s product
ADCB, in UAE had launched Polaris Intellect Loan Management System (LMS) in 2013 in collaboration with Polaris Financial Technology Limited, which is a leading company in developing products and services for financial institutions across the globe (MONEYCONTROL.COM, 2013).
LMS is one such service developed for complete handling of the loan related services and schemes that would provide an ultimate experience to the customers taking the loan and also help the banks or financial institutions in better handling of the loan schemes and information of the customers. It is one kind of system that will help in reducing the number of complex activities that the customers had to go through in consumer loan process and help the bank to offer high levels of customer service (POLARISFT.COM, 2013).
Marketing mix of the ADCB’s product
Marketing mix involves eight elements of launching and developing a product in the market and they are (Smith, 2013):
It is the base of any marketing policies and it provides the company with a future potential of success. For ADCB, it has to be the unique and consumer friendly LMS system that has been launched in collaboration with Polaris Company which ensures that the quality of the product or service would be high.
It is one such component in the development of the product which helps the organization to plan their strategies and develop a product that would generate profit for the company and at the same time, its price would be accepted in the market. ADCB has priced LMS as per its capabilities and effectiveness in successfully and smoothly handling the loan related activities of the customers for the banks.
Promotion refers to the steps or medium adopted by the company for marketing its products or services. It plays a very critical role as to create a hype in the market regarding the product that would get maximum number of people to the company for its product. Polaris announced the implementation of the LMS in ADCB and this highlighted the data which resulted in large number of customer flow for ADCB.
Place refers to the location where the product or service is being delivered to the customers. It plays a very important role in the success of the product as the customers rank their experience on the basis of the ambience and user friendliness they have witnessed in using the product. In ADCB, LMS provides the customers with a unique easy to handle experience of their loan management procedures and related works.
It refers to the people who are involved in delivering or providing the product. Here, in the case of ADCB, the staff has excellent communication skills and they have expertise in handling customer relationships which has provided it with the current position in the market.
It refers to the operational steps adopted by the company in providing the product. ADCB has employed a special staff that would enlighten the customers regarding the use of LMS system and the processes involved in it.
Positioning refers to the ideal share or place in the market that the company is looking for while developing a new product or service. Here, ADCB tends to strengthen and monopolise its current strong hold in the banking and finance market through adopting such customized product for the customers.
Performance tends to the outcome of the positioning element, where, it helps in establishing the productivity of the company in maintaining the product and providing services related to it. ADCB has highly trained and polite staff that would help in achieving high levels of productivity and satisfaction from the customers regarding the LMS system for loan management services.
The marketing mix that has been adopted by the Polaris Company for ADCB has helped Polaris in achieving the award for the “Best Lending Platform Project” and this was awarded at the 7th Asian banker’s awards (ADCB.COM, 2015).
Introduction of a new product for ADCB
It has been found that there are various softwares and apps that would help in developing easy solutions to the tedious process of manually handling the operations involved in using the products. There is one such software which is known as TCMB that stands for Temenos Connect Mobile Banking systems. It is developed by the Temenos banking Software Company which has always been known for introducing innovations in the banking sector. It tends to serve many Global banks in providing quality service and user interface to their customers (TEMENOS.COM, 2015).
It has developed Mobile Banking before few years that has modernised the banking field. At the same time, introduction of TCMB has added to the high quality service and solutions provided by them. I would like to introduce an idea of adopting the TCMB technology for ADCB.
Marketing Mix for TCMB
Its marketing mix and other elements that would affect its utilization is shown below (Smith, 2013):
General Marketing mix diagram:

The product in the case of TCMB consists of a highly developed user friendly software that would help the customers in easy handling of their accounts and related activities. The product tends to be of core competency in the market with satisfied customers in various banks across the globe.
The pricing of the product for TCMB is a nominal charge that could be affoirded by all the customers to avail the high end app provided by Temenos. Pricing is done in such a way that it does not come against the high quality service and user interface provided by TCMB app.
The promotion of the product can be done through various social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Tumbler. It has to be taken as the most important tool in launching the product in the market. Banks, which are currently using TCMB software like the Central Bank of Turkey and other European banks can be displayed with their customers showing high levels of satisfaction through their reviews of this service.

Place tends to play a very important role as the product developed in this case is available easily through web and various app stores and play stores. The software is easily available to the customers and ADCB can use this space which is left vacant due to the online availability of the app for improving the quality in other operations of the bank.
The app has minimum human interaction with the employees of the bank and the customer service representatives are mostly contacted by the customers. Politeness and soft speaking skills of the customer service employees would help in achieving high standards of customer satisfaction.
The process that is involved in using this app is very simple and requires downloading the app and simple registering their bank accounts on the apps. The processes that are involved in various operations are very easy to understand due to flexible and excellent user interface provided by the app.
The strategy of adopting TMCB system would help in developing the required position and maintaining it for ADCB on the global level. The positioning element also considers developing of plans for TMCB to acquire a niche for the ADCB in the market through satisfied customers and high end quality service. Positioning of the elements is necessary to check the economic feasibility involved in launching the product or service in the market.
The performance of the product, which is TMCB as our proposal to be adopted by ADCB has to be evaluated and analysed for establishing its role in achieving the desired levels of success for the company in the global market. The productivity of the employees in providing the services to the customers has to be evaluated and improved wherever there are chances of improvement.
Thus, the technology of TMCB which has been proposed by me for ADCB’s operation has to observe the above discussed marketing mix. It would be essential for the bank to consider other factors mentioned below for adoption of this service.
Proactive Customer Service
Maintaining any kind of product and service after launching it in the market is very important to ensure the sustainability of the product in the market. Customer service, significantly contributes in maintaining the relationship with customers. The customer service has to be proactive and has to effectively forecast the needs and requirements of the customers. This would help in developing higher satisfaction among the customers and develop high levels of trust among them regarding ADCB and its services and products.
Involvement of staff
There has to be active involvement of the staff in implementing the new technology proposed by me. Marketing department of the company would be playing a critical role in the launching and success of the product. There were various interviews and discussions carried out with the marketing staff of the ADCB bank. It helped us to understand the policies and processes followed by ADCB while launching a product. They stated that ADCB focuses hugely on maintaining the trust of the customers through providing them with the highest quality of products and services. Thus, for introducing or launching any new product or service, ADCB carries an extensive research regarding the background of the Company developing the product or service and their credibility is analysed.
On the basis of this, it can be stated that there has to be involvement of the highly qualified and trained ADCB’s staff in achieving success in TCMB systems which are to be adopted by them.

It can be stated that having an in-depth analysis and understanding of the 8 P’s of marketing mix would help in launching the product or service in an effective way in the market. It is also important for observing the success of the product and helping ADCB in achieving their goals and desired share in the banking market.

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