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Joint statement issued as Mohamed Bin Zayed wraps up successful visit to India

The facts:

• UAE – India Business council established in September 2015
• Signing of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement between UAE and India.
• Joint efforts for Dubai Expo 2020.
• Signing a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for encouraging huge number of Emirati investors to invest in number of potential businesses and plans developed by the government of India.
• Inaugurating the new port Nhava Sheva of the DP world at Mumbai on 12th February.
• Provide support to the Internation Solar Alliance (ISA) as well as International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

The description of the topic discussed:
• Many topics were discussed in the three day visit of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed to India.
• The topics were from different dimensions of the factors that are contributing in the successful development and growth of the two nations, India and UAE through multiple partnerships.
• Crude oil trade, development and implementation of renewable sources of energy as well as solar energy across both the countries, promoting measures that would help in increasing the role and contribution of both the countries in the development of each other’s economies.

The interpretation and future of the strategic partnership with India.

• A bright and sustainable future can be achieved for UAE and India through improvement in the strategic partnership and development of several new tie-ups for different businesses that ensure overall growth of the people in both the countries.
• There have already been many partnerships that have been successful in the past and both the dignitaries decided to take this partnership to an altogether new level and take it to great heights.
There are many key areas where UAE would like to strengthen its relationship with India and increase the number of strategic partnerships that are developed between India and UAE. The main elements that are mentioned in the joint statement as the key areas that UAE would like to develop its relationship with India are development of trade and investments related to it, security and Defence, Anti-terrorism measures to collectively fight against terrorism, production of Defence and military related technologies and system, innovations in Information Technology (IT) and various forms of electronic devices, development of space technology. The success of the bilateral engagement between the two nations have helped in strengthening the relationship between them and this has to be improved through continuous efforts of multi-lateral engagement of different businesses between the two countries. The relationship has to be strengthened through making potential investments and developing strategic alliances in the topics regarding the development of renewable sources of energy and solar energy in particular for both the countries. There are many cultural exchange programs that has the potential to strengthen the relationship between the two nations with an increasing interaction between the cultures of the two countries through the people living in them. It involves developing a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement between two nations.

UAE has identified the huge potential that India has in terms of economic growth, exposure to a large market and potential schemes, plans and projects that are development by the government for the overall development of India. UAE wants to invest in the different innovative and potential projects like the “Start-up India, Make in India, Smart city, Clean India and Digital India”. It involves the participation and contribution of UAE through investment and other forms of support in the mega project that are planned by the Indian government like mega industrial manufacturing corridors and the development of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor to boost the businesses that are carried out across the globe from India. It includes making considerable amount of investments in the various development projects that are designed by the Indian government for improving the infrastructure in the country. There has been a huge amount of investment through the satisfied projects that are carried out by the Space Agency in UAE and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) due to the success of the partnerships observed among them. It has been followed by investing in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding as well as developing Joint Working force for the space related operations, inventions and innovations that are to be incorporated between both the countries.
In terms of the supply of fossil fuels, UAE tends to be one of the most significant exporter of crude oil to India. For initializing partnership in the field of consumption and utilization of fossil fuels, there has been a Memorandum of Understanding between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd. (ISPRL). Increasing the use of renewable sources of energy and making technological innovations for implementing solar energy in particular serves to be the goal of both the nations, India as well as UAE. UAE and India have developed many strategic partnerships evaluating the significance of the critical issue of climatic change that was mentioned in the Paris Agreement. For renewable Sources of energy, both these nations signed a “General Framework Arrangement for Cooperation” in renewable Energy. There would be new and advanced solar technologies developed by both the countries related to the initiatives mentioned in the International Solar Alliances (ISA) through its Second Steering Committee. It also includes considering the critical issues of climate change between the different nations as well as provide coordinated efforts to promote the strategies and initiatives developed by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). For achieving this huge impact on climate change they have to follow the policies and strategies developed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change

There has been a considerable amount of partnership and strategic alliances developed between India and UAE through the bilateral security operation that has helped in achieving high levels of security as required by their National Security Councils. There are many issues and areas related to the Defence and security where UAE and India would be working together and these areas include, marine security, cyber security and measures against terrorism. Both of these countries emphasize achievement of sovereignty across the nation and a structure of non-interference in the working of the government to ensure success and growth of the two nations. There would be sharing of technology and Information Technology concepts that would help in maintaining the security across different sectors in the two nations related to the communication technologies. There would be an improvement and increment in the strategic partnerships and programs that are developed between the two countries in terms of the training, Defence techniques and technologies and an emphasis on the defence technologies and equipment to be developed in India. Improving the maritime security of the international water borders that are existing between UAE and India through various sessions of the “Joint Defence Cooperation Committee” that is established between the two. Developing various programs and anti-terrorism strategies to fight terrorism and save all the countries across the globe from its harmful activities serves to be one of the most important element in the cooperation that would be strengthened between UAE and India.
There are different forms of globalization that have been discussed in class and they are mentioned below. Along with that its implications that have been mentioned in the text are also discussed below.
It refers to the exchange of valuable of products and services that are of high quality and have huge potential to contribute in the development of the economy of the nations that are adapting it. UAE and India have obtained a significant level of strategic partnership that has helped in developing a healthy economic relationship between the two through investments in different potential sources like the development of Framework related to the economic growth.
It refers to the factors related to the technology and its implications in the market among the countries that are implementing globalization in their strategies which is observed in case of India and UAE.
It involves multiple levels of literacy to be achieved through achieving sovereignty among the nations that has been observed through the strategic alliances developed between India and UAE.
It consists of developing military and defence alliances for safeguarding the security of the nations as seen in the case of UAE and India where they have developed many ties to support and improve each other’s military and defence.
It includes a large of intercultural interactions between UAE and India.
The strategiec partnerships that are adopted for the benefits of the environment like measures to develop renewable source of energy and solar energy between India and UAE.

The steps that are taken to curb the terrorist activities observed in India and UAE have to be taken into consideration through development of strict, innovative and impactful solutions to eradicate terrorism from the two nations as well as from across the globe.
The philosophy that is related to the concept of globalization has varied levels of interpretations and implications from the global point of view. However, there are four general concepts of the globalization philosophy that have been discussed and they are:
It refers to the different strategies that are developed between the nations to encourage the concepts of globalization across different international borders across the globe. It involves spreading and expansion of the business and other programs carried by the two countries to the entire world.
It includes the characteristic of freedom that has to be achieved in all the aspects of the society for overall growth and development of India as well as UAE. Liberalization ensures that the strategies that are developed in these nations are favorable in helping them to achieve a significant position in the world.
The concept of universalization refers to the ideology of spreading the business and various technological concepts to various parts of the world through universalization of the strategies and partnerships that can be seen between India and UAE.
It refers to the adaption of the westernized culture, its technology and other perspectives of an economy to inculcate overall development among the various plans and schemes that are developed in India and UAE.


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March 9, 2018

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