Report on SWOT Analysis of Delma Island


Delma Island SWOT Analysis

Delma Island has a port situated at the east side of the island which is currently utilized to provide service to craft vessels coming from the west. This indicates that the port is providing port services to connect the east with the west. (Abu Dhabi Ports, 2015)
Delma Island provides ferry services with good prices and improves the connectivity between the island and the mainland. As there are plans for tourism in future, good prices will prove as a catalyst to the process. (Ghazal, 2013)
The island also contains private farms which are currently owned by the ruling family of Abu Dhabi.
The population on Delma Island is small but a majority of the people are able to communicate in English which in beneficial for travelers that come to Delma Island.

It is not easy to travel to the island frequently. The travel cannot happen rapidly between the mainland and the island. The travel takes 6 hours to reach or come back. (Department of Transport, 2015)
People residing there before the development plans of the island are not that well established or developed as the people living in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.
Delma Island is under development as a tourist place but currently there aren’t many entertainment facilities there for the people to enjoy.
The space that is available for facilities is limited. This means that when more people come to the island, it generates more garbage. The sanitation and cleanliness services still aren’t on full swing. So the place is dirty and loos aren’t properly managed.

The places of attraction are sites with natural beauty with beautiful rock formations and a beach which is properly managed and clean. This factor can attract many tourists to the Island.
There are a large number of organized events on the island which are regularly conducted to attract people to the island. Even Marriages can be conducted at this island which makes it a prime location for such events.
The location of Delma Island is an opportunistic one as it is near two countries: UAE and Quatar. Also there is an added factor that it is close to the city of Abu Dhabi.
Delma Island has locations of historical and archeological value. Archeological Survey of the area led to the discovery of 20 archeological sites which contains remains that date back to the Neolithic age. This signifies the factor of rich history for Delma Island. (Abu Dhabi Islands Archeological Survey, 2014)

Global Warming patterns and effects can cause harm to the coral reefs causing harm to the aquatic life around the Delma Island. The gradual increase in the overall temperature in the area will also eventually affect other aspects of the Island.
The transportation facility which is already slow, gets halted at times due to bad weather. If the condition of the sea is unstable, then transport to the island is not possible. This can pose a big threat of uncertainty to events and business activities to the island. (Jaber, 2009)
UAE is surrounded by many artificial islands like the palm islands and the world islands which also attract tourists and can attract more people due to the factor of already established facilities. As these islands fulfill most of the needs and requirements of the visitors, there is a threat that Delma Islands might not be able to acquire many visitors. (Valera, 2013)
The overall landmass of the island is very small to have major facilities built on the island. This means that setting up big buildings with major facilities for people will be an arduous task. Lack of proper facilities will prevent people from setting up their businesses in the Island.
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March 7, 2018

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