Report on SWOT Analysis of Emirates Airlines

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It provides consistently high quality of service to the customers that is passengers travelling across Emirates Airways. It is one of the world’ largest airlines in terms of passengers carried. It carried about 49.3 million passengers and cargo of about 2.4 million tones across the year 2014-2015 (THE EMIRATES GROUP, 2015). It has excellent organizational performance and high efficiency in its organizational structure. It has established high operational excellence. It occupies strong position in the market (ZAWYA, 2016). It provides considerable number of fleets available for air travel and cargos. It has established diversified geographic presence across the globe. It continuously improves its service by identifying the factors that can be improved in terms of quality (THE EMIRATES GROUP, 2015). It has developed long term vision that involves considering not only national or regional but also global perspectives.
The ever increasing GDP of the UAE provides a pool of opportunities to the Emirates Airlines in terms of the flow of passengers that would be coming from across the globe to UAE. The announcement of the Dubai Expo 2020 has increased the number of expatriates, tourists and business personnel that are coming to Dubai as well as UAE (BLOOMBERG.COM, 2016). The high quality of service offered by them would increase their customer satisfaction and help in developing an extensive customer base through developing new the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight from Dubai to Auckland as well as purchasing the largest aircraft in the world Airbus A380 (THE EMIRATES GROUP, 2015). It provides a wide pool of opportunities to provide considerable service and comfort to the customers across the globe. The strong business partnerships that it develops with other companies increase the number of opportunities for expansion for the Emirate Airlines. It has a highly efficient International Cargo system. It has witnessed growth in its business since the last 27 years and it is a record in itself. The annual growth rate for Emirate Airlines is 7% (TRADING ECONOMICS.COM, 2016). It has the opportunity of business expansion in number of destinations across the globe.

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March 9, 2018

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