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Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization



History is a very influential thing which should be studied and learnt for a purpose of gaining knowledge and changing the future. A superb chance of observing history had arrived for me when I had the opportunity to visit the Sharjah Museum of Islamic History.
My Experience
The Sharjah Museum had a very diverse and ample collection of artifacts, painting and knowledge regarding the prowess of Islamic culture during the years. One of the artifacts which caught my eye was the collection of Astrolabes made by various people throughout the years. The astrolabe is an instrument to determine trajectories of planets and stars in the sky. It was a product of Islamic progress in the field of astronomy. This collection depicts that Islamic people were pioneers of technology and the field of navigation through the help of astronomy. The progress of Islamic people has led the world into a brighter future due to technological advancements like this.
Another artifact that demanded my attention was the painting which depicted a group of scientists belonging to the Middle East and their work. The painting is called “Islamic Scientists” made by Mahmoud Hammad. There is a detailed inscription alongside the painting which help the viewers differentiate between the different painters. It also describes the work of these scientists which contributed to the evolution of science and technology. It is a part of the Islamic culture which very few people know about today that it was the most technologically advanced civilization at one point of time which was devoted to learn more about the world around them and spread the knowledge.

It was a very knowledgeable and rich experience which shed light to the Islamic culture and its various forms and milestones through the centuries in different areas of the world. Many artifacts showed how disticnt the Islamic people were in there designs and style which could be identified easily and was respected globally. It be witnessed in many buildings throughout the world.

Learning Curve

I learnt that Islamic people were pioneers of chemistry and astronomy. It can be identified easily due to the use of “Al” in the words alchemy and algebra. These subjects were studied in depth by Islamic scientists and they preferred to spread their knowledge throughout the globe rather than keeping it a secret for their own benefit. They knew that science couldn’t progress like that. People in the present generation need to look back on this and learn how to create a better world like their ancestors did.
Rich History
It was a very positive experience in which I felt that I was in the midst of a myriad of fragments of history which made the world what it is today. I also learned that some underdeveloped Islamic countries were very developed during ancient times but their preference and changes in way of life has led to a bad state while some countries are still at the pinnacle of progress. This museum is a window to a world which existed before lots of years and it was an Islamic Utopia which can still be made possible in the present world.


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March 8, 2018

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