Research Proposal Report on Internet Packages and Plans Provided by Du and Etisalat

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There is an increasing demand from the internet packages users in UAE. There are two main companies who cater to providing their services and extensive network in UAE and they are du and Etisalat. The research involves identifying the company which offers better internet packages from the two. It involves obtaining the review of the users in terms of the internet speed for downloading and surfing, quality of the network, cost effectiveness and value for money provided by the two companies. The research would be establishing an outcome after analyzing the data collected through questionnaire from the people in UAE who are using either of the Telecom network between du and Etisalat. The analysis has to be evaluated and a better alternative from among the two has to be obtained through quantifying the data and arranging it in a systematic manner.
The Background to the Study
With the advancement in technology, the attitudes and requirements of the users have also changed by leaps and bounds. Owing to this, the users are demanding for different kind of customised internet packages that offer different privileges to them and integrate all the options that they require. At the same time, there is an increasing competition among the network providing companies to maintain their share in the telecom and internet market and also increase their growth and profit. The efforts and services that helps a telecom company in UAE to achieve success would be discussed in the research through discussing of the internet packages provided by them.
The Significance of the Study
There are different elements that are to be considered by the companies while providing their services to the people. Hence, developing adequate knowledge of such requirements and developing services accordingly would help in obtaining the desired share in the market. The significance of the study can be established from the fact that there is a huge competition between the two biggest telecom companies of UAE that we have taken into study. Observing it, there is a user’s perspective which has to be obtained for the services reading internet packages provided by the companies. It would help in quantifying the data and supporting it with the opinions and views of the people who use du or Etisalat or have used both.
The Purpose of the Study
The study aims at comparing the schemes and plans regarding internet packages that are offered by the telecom companies of du and Etisalat in UAE. It tends to obtain a better telecom operator from the two companies through coordinated efforts including the opinions of the users.
Research Questions
The comparison of the internet packages provided by du and Etisalat will be done on the basis of few research questions which are provided below:
Which company from du and Etisalat provides better internet packages?
What is the speed of the internet packages provided by the two?
What is the value for money and cost effectiveness provided by the two companies, du and Etisalat?
Hypothesis involves developing an approach towards the research paper while establishing an initial set of discussion that would help in further discussion and research on the topic. The comparison of the internet packages provided by the two most significant companies in UAE, that is, du and Etisalat.
Definitions of Terms or Operational Definitions.
Mbps: It is defined as the megabytes per second and is the unit to measure the transfer speed of the content for using it in the computer, phones and other devices.
Internet Plan: Internet plan refers to the various internet packages and cost related schemes which are provided by the telecom companies to the users.
4G and 5 G: It is the measure of speed of downloading content from the internet. 4G indicates high speed and 5G indicates very high speed.
Literature Review
Researchers and technological giants have been developing various strategies and plans for improving the hold of their company in the telecom industry (Carroll, 2014). At the same time, the needs of the users have to be taken into consideration and they have to be fulfilled. Researchers have developed the importance of the ethical policies and other values to be practiced in providing of the services by telecom industry (EMIRATES 24/7, 2015). The norms in UAE also state that the rules and regulations must be followed as per TRA which the policies of the telecom industry (Cherrayil, 2014). Establishing the relationship between the various schemes and services regarding the internet packages provided by du and Etisalat needs to be obtained considering the above mentioned researches and news regarding the study in UAE.
Theoretical framework
The framework for the research aims at developing the theoretical elements which would help in developing a comparison and then evaluating it for providing the best alternative. The elements which are to be identified in the framework include
• Speed of the internet
• Network availability at different places
• Tariff and cost of the plans offered
• Service quality offered by the two companies.
Establishing the relationship between the needs of the people and the services that they get would be done through evaluation of the opinions and reviews obtained from the internet users of du and Etisalat
Materials and methods
The method that would be adopted for executing the comparison between the internet packages provided by du and Etisalat would be questionnaire. It would help in evaluating and obtaining of the views and opinions of the customers in UAE who are using these company’s internet packages. The material that would be required would be a questionnaire that would help in obtaining the exact data from the users.
Instruments or materials or apparatus or equipment
The method adopted is the questionnaire and it is to be filled by the users, either manually or over the web. It would be quantitative research as it focuses on the quantity of the people rather than the quality of the people involved in research. Carrying the research with the help of questionnaire would help in obtaining high validity as well as reliability as it involves direct reviews and opinions of the internet package users of du and Etisalat Company.

Data Collection Procedure
Data is to be collected form the users of the internet packages of du and Etisalat. It would be collected randomly from people who use this services and are from different backgrounds. This type of data handling would help in establishing and involving different type of usage by the people across UAE. Data has to be collected online as well as manually from the users and maximum number of users would help in developing a more valid and reliable research outcome.
Data Analysis
Data Analysis involves using or analysing the data collected through various sources for developing a research outcome. Here, there are various factors that help in determining the efficiency and quality of the internet packages provided by du and Etisalat in UAEAnalysing the data should be through identifying the key variables of the research on the basis of which data is to be quantified. After establishing the variables for the research, the opinions and reviews of the users have to be tabulated under these variables that would help in quantifying the data.
The limitations of the research is that it would be considering the views of both the types of people, those who want more speed and those who want cost effectiveness. Hence, the outcome that would be obtained through analysing of the data would be less reliable and valid in terms of the user’s behaviour. The study is carried on a limited number of people and that too confined to one locality, however, the outcome would have been different if the users were from cross whole of UAE. The mind-set of the people and their honest reviews and opinions are required in the research and their truthfulness is one of the biggest challenge for the research.
The instruments used in the research including the questionnaire and other data from different valid and trustable resources are to be provided over here.


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March 9, 2018

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