Research Report on Future of Tourism in UAE

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Table of Contents
1. Abstract 4
2. Introduction 5
2.1. Purpose of the research: 5
2.2. Structure of proposal: 6
2.3. Significance of the study: 6
3. Research question and Objectives: 7
3.1. Main (narrow) Research Question 7
3.2. Sub Questions 7
3.3. Research objectives 7
3.3.1. Economic Objectives 7
3.3.2. Environmental Objectives 7
3.3.3. Socio Cultural Objectives 7
3.3.4. Political Objectives 7
3.4. Sub-objectives: 8
4. Literature review: 8
5. Methodology: 9
5.1. Research approach 9
5.2. Data sampling 9
5.3. Data Collection Method 9
5.4. Data Collection techniques: 10
6. Data Analysis 10
7. Presentation of the Findings: 14
7.1. Opportunity: 14
7.2. Mobility 15
7.3. Sustainability 15
8. Conclusion 15
8.1. Recommendations 15
9. References 16
10. Appendices: 18
10.1. Literature Matrix 18
10.2. Questionnaire: 21

The development of the technology and a large number of inventions has led to the modification and up gradation of the tourism industry across the globe. For a country like UAE, where a significant contribution in the country’s GDP comes from the tourism sector. There are many impacts on tourism due to the Expo 2020 in Dubai. At the same time, the announcement of Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai has greatly influenced the exposure among the different nationalities in UAE. Since the decision of holding the Expo 2020 in UAE, there has been a considerable growth in the tourism industry through the visits of tourists and other scientists and scholars coming to the countries in the Middle East for their research as well as for exploring the opportunities and scope of the Expo 2020.
There are different age-groups among which the tourists are divided and their frequency in coming to UAE has been evaluated. This would help in considering the impact of the tourism industry on the different age – groups of the tourists across the world. The number of tourists have been increasing considerably which is due to the different nationalities present and respected in UAE. The nationalities of the participants has also been determined and it was found that people from across various nationalities have been coming to UAE and this number has almost increased by 50% after the announcement of the Expo 2020 in Dubai. The people from different nationalities are found to be residing as well as working in UAE very effectively without any problem faced due to their nationality, religion or cultural differences.
The increase in the number of visitors have been obtained through evaluating the number of visitors in 2014 and number of visitors in 2015. On the basis of that, the number of visitors for the year 2020 have been estimated through the analysis. Thus, it can be seen that there would be a considerable impact of the Expo 2020 on the tourism of UAE which would add to its flourishing progress.

Due to the advancement in technology and increasing demand of the people across the globe, tourism has been explored on a large scale. During this, there are many elements of tourism which are identified and worked upon by the different countries. Owing to globalization and relatively easy modes of transport, the tourism industry has witnessed a tremendous boost in the last decade. The interests of the tourist have been unique and specific.
There has been a great contribution of Tourism on the economy of UAE. In 2014, it has contributed about 8.5% to the overall GDP of UAE. Development of world class hotels and resorts in these regions have led to such a tremendous growth of the tourism industry in UAE (Ahamed & Cooper, World Expo 2020: Heralding Dubai’s Super-Growth–A Road Ahead. , 2014). The contribution of the tourism and aviation industry in Dubai has been about 27% of its GDP. These shows the increasing importance of tourism in the economy of Dubai. This contribution is expected to increase in the coming years and the current trends in Dubai’s tourism industry show the contribution to rise up to 38% by 2020 (Henderson, 2014).
This shows that there is a tremendous scope of growth for any company which is involved in the tourism and aviation sector. It provides a promising future potential of the huge profits that has been forecasted after observing the current trends in the tourism industry of Dubai. It would therefore, be favorable and advisable to invest in the travel and tourism industry that would help in exploring the culture and heritage of Dubai to the tourists that would be primarily coming for the Expo 2020 (Almonayirie & Dubey, 2014).
The announcement of the Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai was made on November, 2013. There are various impacts of this announcement on the entire economy as well as the infrastructure of Dubai and UAE on the whole side. There are many positive as well as negative influences of such Expo to be held in UAE. The factors which are impacted and are influenced through the Expo 2020 in UAE are identified, evaluated and discussed in the following research.
Purpose of the research:
The main purpose of the research is to identify and evaluate all the elements regarding the tourism in UAE and its future potential. Developing its relationship with the Expo 2020 is also the aim of the research. The tourism is UAE has been projected to achieve a tremendous boost due to the announcement of Expo 2020 in Dubai. It would be driving investors, visitors, researchers, scientists and other people from all across the globe to Dubai. It would also contribute to the economy of Dubai on a large by generating of huge number of jobs and employment opportunities for the people in UAE as well as for the people in other parts of the world.
Structure of proposal:
The purpose of the research would be followed by the significance of the research. The importance of the elements developed and evaluated would be described in this section. There would be narrow research questions and sub questions which would be developed and their objectives would be stated respectively. The methodology of the research would be provided which includes selecting an appropriate research method, sampling of data, collection of data, and analysis of the collected data through evaluation. The data evaluated would be analyzed through the use of mean tables where frequencies would be established in such a way that the impact of Expo 2020 would be determined on the three factors mentioned in the research. An appropriate conclusion would
Significance of the study:
This research is significant and essential to examine and analyze the aspects that will directly or indirectly impact the future of the tourism in UAE specifically considering the Expo 2020.The research will help us analyze different factors that can be helpful in making investment decisions as well as infrastructure improvements. The research is required to judge the scale of tourist that may visit the country in future and also help us to do their need assessment in order to welcome and entertain them in the best way possible. The research will identify factors that needs to be addressed before 2020 so that the country is fully ready and prepared to receive the maximum number of visitors without compromising the standards of quality and a good reputation that it has always maintained in the tourism industry across the world. Business tourism has remarkably grown in the last two decades and in 2005 was worth over 20 billion pounds in terms of its wider economic impact (Business Tourism Partnership, 2005).
The research will also be helpful in determining the current state of affairs of the tourism industry in UAE and identifying the presence of any loopholes in the system. The security of the country is also a major concern therefore the research will also focus on the security issues and analyze all possible cases in which the security may be enhanced and deterred.
Research question and Objectives:
Main (narrow) Research Question
What will be the positive impact of Expo 2020 on the number of tourist coming to the UAE?
Sub Questions
• What would be the nationality of most of the visitors in UAE?
• What would be the tourist range of age group?
Research objectives
While conducting our research on the impact of Expo 2020 on the overall future aspects of the tourism industry in UAE we have stated the following objectives.
Economic Objectives
We will analyze the impact of tourists coming for Expo 2020 on the economy of UAE. We will try to quantify how much new direct or indirect job opportunities will be created and also the impact of foreign currency in flow that will positively impact the economy as the foreign visitors will be spending the money in UAE.
Environmental Objectives
There is a general perception that “Tourism destroys Tourism” as a there will be a huge influx of tourists suddenly in 2020 therefore it is to be researched that what would be the environmental implications of the activity. The natural environment has to be preserved. The need and means of environmental education will be assessed.
Socio Cultural Objectives
As it is well understood that when there will be influx of a lot of foreigner people with totally different culture then there can be social and cultural issues. The research will point out and identify any such issues.
Political Objectives
The research will also look in to the political features and impacts of tourism. As countries have different level of bilateral ties with each other that will affect the number of visitors to be allowed and entertained for the specific country.
The sub objectives refers to the derivation of the features from the main objectives. These objectives would be very specific in terms of the following elements:
• To identify the increase in the number of visitors to UAE through the Expo 2020.
• To identify the new number of visitors.
• To identify the old number of visitors to UAE before the announcement of Expo 2020.
Literature review:
Tourism serves to be one of the most significant source of revenue generation for the government in UAE. There would be a great boost in the UAE tourism owing to Expo 2020 (Khan, 2014). Most of the countries who have a significant contribution of tourism to their GDP are islands. Small economies have a huge scope for growth and development through development of the tourism and the related activities (Mohammed & Lee, 2013). There are many examples of such small islands like “the Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and St Lucia” which has more than 60% of its GDP coming from tourism. There are many factors that boost the tourism of a country. Natural beauty and environment of the region plays an important role in the development of tourism as large number of people are interested in viewing natural beauty and wild life, aquatic environment (Sharpley, 2009).
Many arrangements are made for the tourism by the government in order to promote healthy tourism in these regions. They encourage the tourism through promotions and advertisements on the global media. The infrastructure has to be developed extensively observing the needs of the people, that is, tourists coming from around the world. Availability of services and programs have to be smooth and friendly which would help in ensuring customer satisfaction among the tourists (Gabriel & Pulina, 2010).
There has been a huge change in the perception of the people with increase in the number of people who are using digital media and social sites for getting the list of exotic locations. Hence, recent studies state that there has to be presence of the country or city on its specific website (BEFOREITS NEWS, 2015). It would gather maximum interests of the people from across the globe. Tourism has been considered as a potential source that would help in improving the lives of the local people or communities. The impact of tourism on environment would be discussed further (MEWT.GOV.BW., 2008).
For the research to be carried out further, selecting a proper research approach is very important. The research methodology along with its elements is discussed below:
Research approach
Quantitative research method refers to evaluating the data that is collected through obtaining direct responses from the people in the form of questionnaires or surveys. It involves statistical analysis of the data that is collected and hence, is very reliable for non-descriptive kind of research where there are very few research questions and sub-questions involved. The research approach which is chosen is the quantitative approach which keeps in mind the nature and aspects of the research topic as most of the variables under consideration are of quantitative nature. The variables on the basis of which the data would be collected are as follows:
• Level of increase in the number of tourists.
• Identification of the nationalities of the tourists.
• Obtaining the range of ages among the tourists.
Data sampling
The data sampling strategy opted is cluster sampling where the population is divided into clusters and then out of each cluster, a random sampling is done to choose the people for research purpose. The sample size is around 200 people from different walks of life and the sample is designed to show that different nationality holders residing in UAE are included in the sample. The people would be from different parts of the world as the questionnaire would be provided online to them through the use of internet.
Data Collection Method
The data collection method used is the secondary data mainly as number of researchers, analysts and economists have already worked over this subject matter. Different business journals, articles and books were studied, reviewed and taken in to consideration. Different websites were also considered while collecting the figures regarding the impact of Expo 2020 on the tourism industry of UAE.
Data Collection techniques:
For primary data, a number of meeting were arranged with the industry professionals in order to take their professional insight into the matter at hand. For the secondary data, the review of the people and their opinion in the form of direct response has been collected so as to obtain the impacts of the Expo 2020 on the tourism and other sectors of the society. This data is collected through filling up of a questionnaire by the participants of the research.
Data Analysis
Data analysis was done by mathematical and statistical techniques that included frequency distributions, mean, median and range. The standard deviation technique proved to be very useful in pointing out the impact in terms of revenue difference with the happening of Expo 2020. The data has been evaluated and on the basis of that chart has been drawn which would help in establishing the graph of differences generated through the data in the research.
Firstly, the data analysis would describe the importance of the Travel and tourism industry to the GDP of UAE. It can be seen that the contribution of tourism has been increasing to the GDP of UAE. The increase in the contribution of tourism industry towards the GDP in UAE is shown in the graph below and a curve has been obtained to show the increase in the contribution.
Figure 1: Contribution of Travel and Tourism to GDP

(Geronimo, 2014)
On the basis of the data collected from the people belonging to different nationalities and coming as tourists in UAE, there is a data that is developed in terms of the impact of the Expo 2020 on the UAE’s tourism and other elements. This data has been shown in the form of different tables for different characteristics.
The data that was collected from the participants has been tabulated below:
Nationalities Number of the tourists
(Sample size 200)
Asian 62
Arabian 52
British 16
European 18
American 25
African 16
Other nationalities 11

The data that has been collected and analyzed regarding the nationalities of the people is shown in the following graph:

Data that has been collected regarding the age groups of the tourists is tabulated and shown in the chart as follows:

Range of ages Number of the tourists
1 – 18 20
19 – 25 70
26 – 35 88
36 – 50 12
51 – 65 8
66 – 100 2

The increase in the number of tourists across the years from 2013 to 2020 have been tabulated below along with a chart showing the details.
Variable Number of tourist visitors
In Dubai Number of tourist visitors
2014 13.2 17
2015 15 20
Estimated to reach till 2020 25 35
Percentage increase in number of tourists 12 % – 15 % 15% – 18%

The use of forecasting played a pivotal role in determining and highlighting the difference in terms of quantum of change in investments due to the Expo 2020
Presentation of the Findings:
Thus, the theme of the Expo 202 set by UAE in the form of the increase in the number of tourist visitors ranging from different age groups is seen to develop the following three elements:
Developing and generating new possible options for the people in UAE to contribute their part in the development of the future of UAE. There would be a large number of opportunities developed through the Expo 2020 which can be seen from the above collected data. There would be a large number of opportunities that would be explored and developed when the top companies of the world would be displaying their technologies and latest invention in Expo 2020. The main motive behind Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai is to provide the Middle-East with an opportunity to show their talent, capabilities and skills to the world as Dubai will be the first ever city in the entire Middle East where this Expo would be conducted. Hence, all the above factors would lead to the increase in the number of tourist visitors.
The Expo 2020 would be helping in creation of better network in terms of physical as well as virtual among the people across the different nationalities of the world. There would be a better connectivity among the people on the grounds of science and invention. Different companies, entrepreneurs and manufacturers from across the world would be coming to UAE and their ideas, experience and expertise would be shared on one platform. This is the biggest advantage of the Expo 2020. It serves to bring the best out of them and bring the people from different nationalities to connect to each other through number of visits to the country.
There are many sustainable features that would be developed in the process when UAE would be hosting the Expo 2020. The range of the elements and the different products used would be developed in an environment friendly way. This would greatly add to the efforts that have been taken by the UAE government to develop pan ideal sustainable model of energy consumption and wastage developed across the different sectors in UAE (Jauncey & Nadkarni, 2014). This element is also very critical in selection of the location for the tourists as they would feel more secure and safe while visiting UAE.
It can be concluded that there are a large number of visitors who have been vising UAE since the last two years since the announcement of the Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai. There are people from different age groups who have come to UAE in order to explore the different characteristics offered by the UAE.
It can be recommended that the maximum number of people that would be involving in the tourism industry would be due to the event of Expo 2020 and this would largely influence the development and growth in UAE. It would be inculcating a feeling of cross national harmony among the tourist visitors who would be coming in large numbers to UAE during the Expo 2020. The trends that would be seen through the impact of the Expo 2020 would largely affect the people from across all the age groups and hence special care has to be taken regarding their travelling and tourist facilities being provided to them.

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Literature Matrix
Synthesis Matrix:
Name of the Author, year
(Mohammed & Lee, 2013).
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Perspective of Tourism It discusses population and workspace migration has tremendously increased. It mentions an Economic contribution of tourism in GDP It has provided with tourism and economic factors The article focusses on organized Tourism supply
Economy and Tourism It provides the cost involved in increasing the workforce. It has discussed the High rates of contribution. It states that an Economic boost is provided. It provides a systematic tourism chain.
Environment and tourism It concludes that tourism does not have major effect on environment. It also states that there it contributes to some extent It mentions that tourism contributes on a large scale to the environment. It discusses that this chain is dependent on environment.
Cultural influence It describes that the workers adopt the culture of their work place There is cultural influence in economic condition. It also mentions that tourism leads to cultural awareness It has discussed that differences in culture have huge impact on the country’s heritage stability.
Name of the Author, year (BEFOREITS NEWS, 2015).
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(Sinclair & Stabler, 1997).

Perspective of Tourism It mentions that tourism factor very critical It refers to tourism as an effective tool to contribute in foreign exchange It states that tourism is very important for maintaining the environment and local communities. It has provided various health benefits of tourism
Economy and Tourism It states that tourism boosts an economy from financial crisis. It has described how an economy depends on foreign investments It also provides that whole economy is affected as they are depended on Tourism It states that the local people get an economic upliftment
Environment and tourism It refers that ensuring sustainability in environment Environmental factors are also considered in this article. It strives for obtaining cleaner and better environment. It also provides that tourism would help in better Environment conservation.
Cultural influence It discusses the factor that the culture is significantly explored. Culture has been adapted and experienced through the tourists as mentioned by the author. It describes how the local culture of the communities is maintained. It provides the main advantage of tourism that the local culture is retained.

Name of the Author, year (Chambers, 1997).
(Khan, 2014.) (Jauncey & Nadkarni, Expo 2020: What must Dubai’s hospitality and tourism industry do to be ready pre-and post-event?, 2014).
(Sharpley, 2009).
Perspective of Tourism It has derived the influence on young people on practicing tourism. It has described the features of Expo 2020 and travel sector development It has provided the steps taken by the hospitality and travel industry. It states that the impacts on the local interests are very high.
Economy and Tourism It states that many young people get employed and their economic status increases. It has mentioned a huge economic boost provided in 2020. It has evaluated how an economy would be developed with increasing number of visitors. It discusses the economic returns and investments in infrastructure of tourism.
Environment and tourism It has helped in creating environment related awareness among the youth. It mentions how environment sustainability obtained It describes how environment safety and conservation would be obtained. It discusses how environment is sustained through coordinated efforts.
Cultural influence It emphasizes on how culture gets popular among the young people. It describes that culture gets explored by millions of people. It emphasizes that the culture of UAE would be retained among the people. It can be concluded from the article that the cultural impacts of tourism are high and favorable.

Read the questionnaire carefully and answer the questions.

1. What is Your Gender?
A) Male
B) Female


2. Which nationality do you belong to?
• Asian
• Arabian
• British
• European
• American
• African
• Other nationalities


3. What is your age-group?
• 1 – 18
• 19 – 25
• 26 – 35
• 36 – 50
• 51 – 65
• 66 – 100

4. How many times did you visit Dubai or UAE in 2014?
• 1
• 2
• 3
• More than 3 times
• More than 5 times


5. How many times did you visit Dubai or UAE in 2015?
• 1
• 2
• 3
• More than 3 times
• More than 5 times


6. How many times are you planning to visit Dubai or UAE in 2016?

• 1
• 2
• 3
• More than 3 times
• More than 5 times
• Not sure
• Will not be visiting


Thank You for filling the questionnaire and helping in the research.


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