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Significance of this film within film history
Laura tends to be one of the most detective as well as humorous movie that has been made pertaining to this genre. It has been directed by one of the most acclaimed and renowned directors Otto Preminger. The movie contains a mix theme of psychological study of the events that are occurring in the film. There is a unique character developed in the film and its name is Laura. It has a shadowy, dark and sustainable cinematography where the main aim of the movie was to enthrall the public with its cinematography, dialogues and screenplays that revolves around the lives of a shady character whose name is Laura (FILMSITE.ORG, 2016).
The movie is one of its kind as it explores the psychological that has not been used or reflected in many films. There is a witty portray of the characters and it is in such a way that it refers to the story of love that got converted in to a fear that could never be imagined by a woman. The cinematography of the movie ca neb obtained from the thrilling storyline with a touch of romance and humor that it has in it. It is a mixture of the classic times that consisted of the upper class systems and the lower class systems in the society (ROTTEN TOMATOES.COM, 2016).
It is related to the development of morals that are existing between the people that are belonging in the upper class and those which are at the center of the society facing the wrath of the justice that has to be imparted in terms of inequality. It would be a creative cause to study and develop a film that would inculcate huge amount of efforts in the development of the film. The storyline was developed as a suspense novel by Rouben Mamoulien and Lucien Ballard. It was then developed in a series of backstage intrigues as well as hostilities that was developed by director Otto Preminger and the cameraman of the movie Joseph LaShelle.
Filmography of the director
Otto Preminger is the director of the movie Laura and he is very well known for writing state of the characters and roles that involve developing characters which break the barriers of the society. His work involved developing characters that would involve pushing the boundaries as the as the characters throughout its story line. His movies got into many controversies at the time of releasing. He was very well-known for the movements over the fluid camera and the long takes that he takes during the shots that are required to be made in the company. On a similar note, there are many other movies that are developed by the director on different themes ranging from fiction to mystery (IMDB.COM, 2016).
However, Laura tends to be one of the most successful hit of Otto Preminger. It brought him back into the business with large number of awards in different categories being won by the casts and the crew. The selection of the actors has been influenced greatly by the efforts that have been carried by the director Otto Preminger. It is his sincere efforts that has led to the development of the available cast on the crew. Preminger was only the producer of the movie, while Rouben Mamoulian would be the director. But, there were certain conflicts that were related to the direction of the movie by Preminger (FILMSITE.ORG, 2016)..
The movie led Preminger to his first Academy Award Nomination for the direction category, whereas the cinematographer Joseph LaShelle and the actors received nominations for the best supporting actor (ROTTEN TOMATOES.COM, 2016). The filmography of the director and his vision has a vital role in the development of the movie. Thus, it can be stated to be a career booster for the director Otto Preminger.
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