Review of Article on Social Networking Approach to Direct Marketing

An experiential, social network-based approach to direct marketing

(Palmer & Koenig-Lewis, 2009) have used an experiential framework to address the challenges and opportunities oriented with the concept of direct marketing after the global expansion of social media in order to identify how companies can associate with customers in a better manner through a direct and indirect manner. Based on the research conducted on various popular websites related to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and after observing the interaction between company and online social media communities and also analyzing literature regarding the marketing aspects of social media as well as brand maintenance of companies on social media. The rationale of the research coincides with direct marketing concepts. Both the authors have delved into recent social media trends and come up with a wide scope of possibilities of direct marketing and how companies can adjust in that atmosphere.
The Media Environment and Direct Marketing Concepts

The article shows how companies have discovered that social media communities can be approached for communicating with its wide array of users. The social media community has been properly observed and classified into sections like blogs, content communities, social networks, forums and content aggregators and which social media networks are selected by companies according the user base for direct marketing. The cons of this practice has been justified by the fact that how the users are the part of a community who believe that the space they interact within is personal in away and invading the space can be a breach of emotions. The emotional factors behind the justification has also ben explained through research that the aspect of emotions plays a deeper role in this territory. Certain good and bad ways to utilize social media for direct marketing have been highlighted.
Company Regulated Communities and how it benefits companies

One of the good ways of brand enhancement has been highlighted as the methods in which brand form their own online pages and communities in which they advertise their content, post about new offers and interact with people. The upside is given as how individuals contribute to the community by suggesting ideas for products and development in certain products if they are interested in how the content posted and according to the friendliness of the page or profile that the company. Sense of social identities is highlighted as an essential concept in direct marketing in social media networks. If this concept is under-utilized, the companies fail to have a strong online presence in the social media community. The influence of experiential context and its utility are not explained well in the article but the observations of the companies and their online presence, campaigns and mishaps have been illustrated well to give an insight to people involved in direct marketing. The marketing implications of the social media interaction are not analyzed with a required depth considering their wide impact keeping in mind when the article was published.
Personal Opinion

The subject of this article in my view is extremely relevant with direct marketing concepts as the presence and influence of social media can be observed to derive its utility in a global scope. The marketing efforts by companies are diverting more towards online advertising because the advertising can be targeted easily towards interested customers and the reach of online advertising has expanded widely in the last decade. Aside of being relevant it delves into the aspects of the online community and the observations are derived from various sectors companies who practice online advertising and come up with unique and appealing ways to practice direct marketing which is useful for understanding direct marketing in a contemporary sense.

This article gives a wide insight about efforts at direct marketing by companies and best practices of companies in direct marketing. The aspect of emotional value is essential in the concept of direct marketing in social media as the social media public can be termed as a community of people who comment and interact on media, driven by an emotional factor. Gaining an insight about these aspects is possible after exploring this insightful article.
Palmer, A., & Koenig-Lewis, N. (2009). An experiential, social network-based approach to direct marketing. Direct Marketing: An International Journal, 162-176.


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March 7, 2018

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