Study Report on Success or Failure of The Brand Destination for Hawaii

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Table of Contents
I. Title 3
II. Abstract 3
III. Introduction 3
Theoretical background 3
Statistics 4
Purpose of the research: 4
Research problem 5
Aim of the research: 5
Literature review 5
IV. Methodology: 8
Data collection 8
Data Analysis 8
Sample 8
Hypothesis: 10
V. Results 10
1. Brand Pyramid: 10
2. Slogan awareness: 12
3. One chart with explanation 14
4. Chart comparing the results by 3 groups 15
5. Relationship with hypothesis 16
VI. Results Implication 17
Discussion and My opinion 17
Comparison of results with past research 18
Suggestions 19
References 20
Appendix 21
Questionnaire 21

I. Title
Brand Destination of Hawaii in Abu Dhabi.
II. Abstract
The tourism industry has been increasing worldwide with an increasing number of visitors as well as increasing number of potential competitors across the globe. The research aims at identifying the factors that are contributing to the success or failure of the brand destination for Hawaii. It involves considering the impact of the current brand destination theme, slogan and measures to recognize the impact that it has on the people in Abu Dhabi. For this purpose, a feedback would be obtained from the people in Abu Dhabi and they would sharing their opinion on the brand destination of Hawaii. Statistical evaluation of the information would be carried out and the factors that are responsible for current situation of the tourism industry in Hawaii would be determined. Many suggestions have been made related to the improvement in the reach of the Hawaii’s brand destination.
III. Introduction
Theoretical background
Destination branding serves to be one of the most significant factors for promoting the tourism of any country and it helps in exploring its potential for generating huge revenues from it (Barnes, Mattsson, & Sorensen, 2014).The research involves developing the factors and parameters that are responsible for incorporating brand destination of Hawaii among the people in Abu Dhabi. This research is important for the people related to the tourism and hospitality business worldwide, but, it would relate to the people living in Abu Dhabi regarding the awareness about the Hawaii brand destination. It is very difficult to obtain sustainability throughout the tourism industry across the globe (Spencer & Fellows, 2013). Thus, this research is a guide for them to establish resources and other facilities in such a way that it attracts maximum number of tourists and other type of visitors including the business visitors.
It has been observed that the number of visitors that have visited Hawaii in 2014 reached above 8.3 million and the expenditures made by them reached $14.7 billion (HTA, 2015). Thus, it can be seen that there is a great potential in the rising tourism industry of Hawaii Island. It serves to lay the foundations of the brand destination style of promotion to be carried out by the government in order to increase the flow of the tourists and other visitors to Hawaii. The statistics shown above clearly depict the need and possibilities for developing the brand destination of Hawaii.
Purpose of the research:
• Identify the areas or sections in the tourism and hospitality industry of Hawaii that need improvement for the success of their brand destination.
• Evaluate the factors and develop various strategies for utilizing them for brand destination of Hawaii on this basis of the feedback obtained from the Abu Dhabi people.
• Understand the nature, behavior and needs of different kind of visitors related to their choices and tastes about the Hawaii tourism.
Research problem
Identifying appropriate areas related to Tourism and hospitality that helps in developing the brand destination of Hawaii in Abu Dhabi requires an extensive and in-depth analysis as well as research regarding the information that can be collected on the same topic.
Aim of the research:
The aim from the project is to test Brand Hawaii in Abu Dhabi among the three below category:
1. Local Emirati living in Abu Dhabi
2. Expat living in Abu Dhabi
3. International Tourist in Abu Dhabi
International Tourist in Abu Dhabi Literature review
Brand equity is one term that is very important while deriving the brand destination strategy and marketing concepts according to William Gartner, who is a research scholar and a doctorate holder on economics. He mentions different factors that are responsible in developing a successful and sustainable marketing strategy for the growth of brand destination. He has very well connected destination sustainability to the measurement of brand equity (Gartner, 2014). The concept of brand equity is interlinked with the popularity of the brand destination among the visitors across the globe. It is very clear that brand equity is one of the major factor that contributes to the success of a brand destination and hence, it has to be incorporated for deriving a brand destination strategy for Hawaii.
On the same context of brand equity, two famous management research scholars, Yumi Lim and Pamela Weaver, have discussed the concept of brand image that would be a significant contributor to the success of brand destination. They have developed that the brand image of the destination is very important factor that would help in determining the required levels of interests among the visitors and potential visitors across the globe. It would be applicable to the number of visitors that are visiting Hawaii from Abu Dhabi. The relationship between the brand image and the preference of the tourists regarding selection of a destination for visiting has been obtained. It can be seen that the selection of destination is very much affected by the brand image and its effects on the psychology of the visitors (Weaver & Lim, 2012). On the basis of this, a successful and sustainable brand destination strategy has to be adopted that would help in ensuring success of the Hawaii brand destination.
The concept of internal brand management related to brand three well known authors have discussed destination on the subject of management and they are Natasha Cox, Richard Gyrd-Jones and Sarah Gardiner. They have emphasized on developing a network that would involve marketing strategies. These marketing strategies would have the potential to offer a good brand experience to the visitors. The practices that are concerned with obtaining a successful brand destination have been discussed. For this purpose, the internal management and perception of the brand has to be clear, specific and precise (Cox, Gyrd-Jones, & Gardiner., 2014). They have also developed an evaluation, which states that both, the cognitive as well as the responsive image are responsible for the success of a brand destination from the visitor’s perspective.
Brand awareness also tends to be a very important factor that has been continuously gaining popularity in the field of brand destination. It has been proclaimed by well-known scholars from the field of branding that social networks are hugely responsible for promoting any brand in the market across the globe. Having an online presence on the social networks helps in connecting to a large number of people all over the world. It involves interacting with the people that could be the potential visitors and providing them with special offers and other perks for inviting them to Hawaii has to be the reason behind extensive brand destination of Hawaii. Promoting various activities that reward the people involved in developing a brand image over the social networks as well as physically would help in encouraging them to increase the impact of brand destination (Barreda, Bilgihan, Nusair, & Okumus, 2015).
The research has been taken to a new dimension by deriving the importance of understanding the visitor’s behavior that have visited the country. It refers to the experience that one gets from brand destination. The above factors and variables have been determined and discussed by Stuart Barnes, Jan Mattsson and Flemming Sorensen, in their research on tourism. They have obtained the role played by destination brand experience (DBE), in determining the success of the tourism measures taken by the government to promote brand destination. It can be observed for the case of Hawaii, too, that the people living in Abu Dhabi would be preferring visiting Hawaii again if they have a good destination brand experience from the people living in Hawaii as well as through the various exquisite destination that if offers (Barnes, Mattsson, & Sorensen, 2014).
Thus, it can be stated that the above researches has helped to understand the important variables that are to be considered while understanding the concept of brand destination and developing one for Hawaii.
Data Analysis
The survey was sent to about 50 people. Out of them 30 responded to the survey and so the number of participants in the research, that is, N = 30.The evaluation and analysis of the responses that are obtained from the participants is to be carried out. On the basis of it, certain factors are to be determined that would help in understanding the awareness of the Hawaii brand in Abu Dhabi among different people living in Abu Dhabi or visiting it. The evaluation has been carried out through obtaining statistics regarding the responses obtained from the participants.
The sampling of the data included calculating the number of respondents or participants and evaluating their data in the form of demographic projections.
Overall demographics of final N in total:
Demographic characteristics of the sample
Variable N %
Less than 18 years:
Above 60
0 – $500
$501- $1500
$1501 – $3000
$3001 and above

0 – $50:
$51 – $500
$501 – $2000
$2001 and above
Don’t travel


Demographics on the basis of three groups:
Variable N %
4. Local Emirati living in Abu Dhabi
5. Expat living in Abu Dhabi
6. International Tourist in Abu Dhabi 12

11 40


H1: about 67% of the people who visited to Hawaii from Abu Dhabi knew about the Hawaii Tourism slogan. (Tested by q.6)
H2: People from Abu Dhabi like the locations and beaches as well as the sports amenities available in Hawaii the most. (Tested by q.13).
IV. Results
1. Brand Pyramid:
There are three stages of a brand pyramid as shown in the figure below and these three stages are described below:
Hawaii Brand recognition:
It can be obtained from Q.3 of the survey where the number of people that stated that the brand destination or tourism destination of Hawaii came first into their mind was 3 out of the N= 30 respondents from whom sample is obtained. It serves to be top most stage of the brand pyramid.
Brand recall:
It can be obtained from Q.6 where the number of participants who could relate to a brand destination of any place was 12. It refers to the number of people who had recently seen branding of any destination. It serves to be the middle or the second stage of the brand pyramid.
Unaware of brand destination:
It can be obtained from Q.6 where the number of people who have no idea or are unaware about the branding of any destination and the number of respondents who come under this category is 18.

2. Slogan awareness:
Slogan awareness refers to the number of people who have the knowledge about the brand destination slogan of Hawaii. It is obtained from question no.7 of the survey. It is found that there are about 66.67% of respondents out of 30 that know about the correct slogan of the Hawaii tourism. The details of the slogan awareness through Q.6 has been shown in the chart given below:

The statistics of the above shown chart has been provided below with the percentage as well as number of respondents (N) selecting that option during the survey.
Options available Responses in % N
Travelers Welcome 6.67 2
The Islands of Aloha 66.67 20
Definitely Hawaii 16.67 5
Come and Enjoy at Hawaii!! 6.67 2
None of the above 3.33 1

3. One chart with explanation
The effectiveness of the Hawaii tourism has been evaluated in Q.11. on the basis of two parameters:
• Cost of tourism
• Quality of tourism services
Both the parameters were provided ratings by the 30 respondents who had filled the survey. It is found that the cost of tourism in Hawaii is high, but the quality of tourism service that is available in Hawaii is even better as seen in the chart below.

It has It has been obtained through the average of the ratings where, cost of tourism derived about 4.6 ratings and quality of tourism service obtained about 5.07 ratings out of 7. This shows that the quality of tourism services is complimenting the cost of tourism in Hawaii. It can be seen from the values shown in the table below:

4. Chart comparing the results by 3 groups
In Q.2., a study has been established to evalute the 3 groups of people among the respondents in Abu Dhabi. These three groups are:
• Local Emirati living in Abu Dhabi
• Expat living in Abu Dhabi
• International Tourist in Abu Dhabi

Among the respondents, about 40% that is 12 responses were from the people who are Local Emirati living in Abu Dhabi and this is the highest number of respondents among the 3 groups. The details of the responses is shown in the table below:

5. Relationship with hypothesis
In the second hypothesis developed, it is stated that, “People from Abu Dhabi like the locations and beaches as well as the sports amenities available in Hawaii the most” and this is confirmed through Q.14 in the survey.It is shown through the chart given below:

From the chart and the data collected, it can be observed that about 53% of the respondents like the locations and beaches as the reason for travelling to Hawaii. While about 40% of the respondents liked the sports available in Hawaii to be the core reason for their travelling. Thus, second hypothesis that is mentioned above gets confirmed from the analysis of the data collected through the survey.

V. Results Implication
The results that have been obtained display the level of awareness and interest among the people living in Abu Dhabi regarding the tourism of Hawaii. It was founded that there is a need to focus more on the culture and heritage tourism along with the architectural tourism in Hawaii. People are more attracted to the sports and the exotic beaches that are available in Hawaii. Hence, there is a scope for innovation in the practices and services offered by the islands in Hawaii.
Discussion and My opinion
The results provide an accurate data regarding the choices that the people visiting to Hawaii from Abu Dhabi prefer to make according to their purpose of visit. It helps in understanding the psychology of the people while they visit Hawaii. The facilities and amenities as well as the other significant things that Hawaii has to offer to the visitors have to be promoted and developed through brand destination on an extensive level from the perspective of the people in Abu Dhabi.
The main reason for brand destination unawareness is the lack of popularity among the masses regarding the brand destination and tourism programs and slogan of Hawaii among the people in Abu Dhabi. There are certain limitations of the research carried. The main limitation is that the research focusses on the approach and attitude of the people in Abu Dhabi regarding the tourism of Hawaii. However, the response and feedback of the people would be different in different countries and it has to be considered too, for evaluating the impact of the brand destination and tourism measures that are developed and executed by the Hawaii tourism department and Authority.
Comparison of results with past research
The tourism industry has been a significant contributor to the revenue generated by the government. It is also one of the highest source of employment for the people of Hawaii. It had to face a major fall down instead of the ever increasing numbers of tourism in 2008 and 2009. This was due to the effect of the great recession due to which the visitors coming from U.S. decreased significantly. It was a matter of great concern for the Hawaii tourism as they got an important share of their tourism from different states of U.S. (Wilson, 2013).However, the effects did not last long and the tourism started breaking all the records when the number of annual visitors reached the number of 8.3 million in 2015 and the revenue generated from them was about 14.7 $billion(HTA, 2015). The above research determines the impact of their brand destination and tourism campaigns and determines its effects on the people in Abu Dhabi.
A majority of the suggestions include establishing creativity and innovation in developing brand destination themes, slogans and campaigns and connecting with a large number of people across the globe through active social media interactions with people across the globe. Developing more parameters other than the sports, and beaches and inculcating significant development in the business, architectural and cultural herniate element would be very useful to increase the reach of Hawaii tourism worldwide.

Barnes, S. J., Mattsson, J., & Sorensen, F. (2014). Destination brand experience and visitor behavior: Testing a scale in the tourism context. . Annals of Tourism Research, 48, , 121-139.
Barreda, A. A., Bilgihan, A., Nusair, K., & Okumus, F. (2015). Generating brand awareness in Online Social Networks. . Computers in Human Behavior, 50, , 600-609.
Cox, N., Gyrd-Jones, R., & Gardiner., S. (2014). Internal brand management of destination brands: Exploring the roles of destination management organisations and operators. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 85–95.
Gartner, W. C. (2014). Brand equity in a tourism destination. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 108–116.
Spencer, D. M., & Fellows, K. (2013). Tourism Sustainability Monitoring System for Hawaii. n.d., n.d.
Weaver, P. A., & Lim, Y. (2012). Customer-based Brand Equity for a Destination: the Effect of Destination Image on Preference for Products Associated with a Destination Brand. International Journal of Tourism Research, 223–231.
Wilson, R. (2013, September 27). Hawaii’s $14 billion tourism industry back to pre-recession levels. Retrieved from

1. What is your age? Please select your age group.
a) Less than 18 years old
-> Thank you, bye.
b) 18-25 -> please continue to q. 2
c) 26-35 -> please continue to q. 2
d) 36-45 -> please continue to q. 2
e) 46-60 -> please continue to q. 2
f) Above 60
-> Thank you, bye.

2. I am a
a) Local Emirati living in Abu Dhabi
b) Expat living in Abu Dhabi
c) International Tourist in Abu Dhabi

3. The topic of this survey is tourism. Which tourism destination comes first of your mind

4. Guess the logo given in the following image is the brand destination logo of which

a) Thailand
b) West Indies
c) Malaysia
d) Hawaii
e) Sumatra
f) Brazil

5. Can you mention the tourism slogan of Hawaii?

6. Have you recently seen branding of any destination?
a) No
b) Don’t know
c) Yes:
If Yes then ________________________

– – – Page break if online – – –
7. Now, which of the following is the SLOGAN of Hawaii Tourism?
a) Travelers Welcome
b) The Islands of Aloha
c) Definitely Hawaii
d) Come and Enjoy at Hawaii!!
e) None of the above.

8. People expect different things from a vacation. Why do you think people travel to Hawaii the most for? (choose one from the following):
a) Culture and Heritage
b) Business
c) Sport
d) Shopping
e) Architecture
Other: ____________________________________

9. Which type of tourism do you believe should Hawaii promote more? (choose one from the following):
a) Cultural and Heritage tourism
b) Business tourism
c) Sport tourism
d) Shopping tourism
e) Architectural tourism
f) Other: ____________________________________

10. If Hawaii destination were a person, how would you describe this person003F
1-not at all descriptive, 5 – extremely descriptive
1 2 3 4 5
Family oriented

11. How do you see Hawaii tourism destination?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cost of Tourism Expensive
Quality of tourism service High tourism service

– – – Page break if online – – –

12. What is your country of origin:

13. Mark your gender
a) Male
b) Female

14. What is the best thing that you like about travelling to Hawaii?
a. Sports
b. Location and beaches
c. Culture and Heritage
d. Business
e. Shopping
f. Architecture
g. None of the above

15. What is your monthly income?
a) 0 – $500
b) $501- $1500
c) $1501 – $3000
d) $3001 and above

16. How much do you spend while travelling? (Per day)
a. 0 – $50
b. $51 – $500
c. $501 – $2000
d. $2001 and above
e. Don’t travel

Exported descriptive statistics
Attached as a .pdf file.
The descriptive statistics of Q3, Q5 and Q12 has been attached separately in individual files as they do not have quantitative data.


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