Mechanism adopted to detect customers changing needs on continuous basis
With the advancement in technology, there has been a tremendous increase in the needs of the customers. There are many reasons for this. One of the most important reason is easy availability of products and services at cost effective prices. The increasing number of competitors entering the market help to increase the quality of product and service provided and help in controlling the increase in the cost of these products and services. It is a matter of great concern for the company to establish sustainable and long lasting relationships with its customers and hence SSP, has adopted few mechanism for identifying and handling the needs of the customers.
It involves carrying the following steps:

Knowing the customer:
It tends to be the most important step of the mechanism that is developed for measuring the customer’s needs across the market. SSP needs to carry an extensive research on the existing trends in the market and the needs of the customers to develop products that would be complying with them.
Understanding the needs and the behavior of the customers:
It is very important for SSP to determine the needs of the customers that are pertaining to the different industries that are dependent on SSP for its functioning.
Designing the product accordingly:
The product has to be developed accordingly to ensure that it meets there requirements of the customers and there are various characteristics present in the product that would be useful for the customers and would help in developing a positive image among the customers.
Evaluate the outcome:
The outcome of the production process has to be evaluated on the basis of the various standards that it complies with in the entire process followed by the development of various operations in the company. This will help in ensuring that the efforts that are made by the company are executed in a proper direction.
Analyze its acceptance in the market:
The acceptance of the product in the market has to be evaluated and analyzed to identify the effectiveness of the product to fulfil the needs of the customers across the market. It is very important for the company to understand the effect that the product has created after being launched in the market.

Deliver effective service with the high quality requirements of the customers:
The main requirement of all the customers that would be purchasing from SSP would be to ensure high values of reliability, durability and strength in the product obtained and to see that the product can be used for the intended applications that involves critical conditions like high pressure, high temperature and other turbulent conditions where the pipes are to be used.
These are the main elements that are to be followed to ensure a successful relationship between the buyers and the suppliers (Salo, 2012).
If the company won’t adjust itself to the new tends in the market, it won’t be able to introduce new strategies that would prove out to be successful for the company. Hence, Saudi Steel Pipe Company keeps itself evolving when it comes to marketing the products to the company. The company focuses more on the quality of products it has to offer the people and believes it as the best marketing strategy they could employ. The company firmly believes in “Let the product speak for itself” (Babakri, 2010).
Mechanism adopted by the company to build partnerships in order to continuously improve quality
There are many investments made in the market by the company and hence it has to strive hard to ensure that high quality is maintained along with the maintaining of partnerships with other companies. It is on the basis of this that the mechanism that has to be implemented in the company for developing strong partnerships with other companies across the globe has been inculcated.
There are different strategies that are used by a company in the market to form different types of partnerships and these strategies include:
Simple partnerships:
There are different levels of partnerships that are handled by the company across its culture in order to establish high values of product in the industry. It is very important to develop simple partnerships that would be based on the customization of the contract that has been developed between the involved companies.

Strategic Alliances:
There is a strategic tie-up in these type of partnerships where there is a consistent contribution of the companies in increasing the earning that is obtained across the company’s products and development of effective strategies for the market. It is on the basis of this, that there are many considerable amount of developments made in the company itself where there would be any kind of commitment and establishment of partnerships through effective inputs and effective strategies that are developed by the two companies.
Corporate Integrations:
It refers to the corporate related strategies that are to be developed between the companies so as to ensure high level of commitment to the future goals and objectives that have been set by both the corporates. It involves developing a considerable amount of research about the corporates before developing partnerships with them. This kind of partnership can be established by the company to sustain in the market (Lyytinen, Newman, & Al-Muharfi, 2009).
Relationship between ISO 9000 and TQM
ISO 9000 can be termed as a system or a set of instructions that contain the standards that are to be followed in the company for establishing high values of standardization and quality as developed by the “International Organization for Standardization”. The quality assurance system has been stated that the provision of argument
TQM which stands for Total Quality Management is a tool that has been developed and utilized for the development of a systematic approach that will help in attaining excellence throughout the system and help the operation management in the organizations to reach high levels of quality and safety that is to be obtained and achieved through its structure. The main purpose of the TQM is to improve the quality of processes that are carried out in the organization with many processes that are to be incorporated in the management and development of the processes that are carried across the organization. (Sun & Cheng, 2002).
There is a significant relationship between the TQM and the ISO 9000. But using both of them does not have any further benefit in the company. It involves developing the process that would be including development of processes that are not necessary for complying with the ISO 9000 standards (Costa, 2004).
Implementation plan
There are many upgradations in the technology as well as the processes followed in the organization that will help in ensuring high levels of performance among the employees in the organization. The development of technology and developing new ideas and strategies for increasing the quality of product and to maintain the quality along with the cost in the steel producing industry is very important. For this purpose, there is a new technology called as the “Laser induced break down spectrometry” that has been adopted in different industries that are involved in manufacturing of steel (Noll, et al., 2001). It involves developing plans that would be complying to the international standards of quality and reliability that has to be incorporated in the industry.

Old project
There are many steps involved in the development of Key Quality processes that are existing in an organization. The development of the quality process in the higher education institutions across UAE is of utmost importance and it can be achieved through evaluating the factors that would be providing high quality of education in these universities that are important from the international point of view in UAE. There has been a significant increase in the process that are carried and adopted for improving the quality of education in the UAE universities. It is on the basis of these that the overall structure of the education is evaluated. There are many consistent and steady efforts made to develop plans and policies that can be implemented to improve the level of education in the UAE universities.
They are developed on the basis of the processes that are followed in the industry by the organizations. It involves considering the following factors:
• The responsibilities of the organization
• Policies that are developed for the system,
• The impact of the organization on the students
• The influence on the society
• The development of the UAE economy through the quality processes adopted in it
Quality tools for the organization
Quality tools that are used for mearing the quality of processes that are adapted in the organization have various variables on the basis of which they help the measurement of the features that are provided by the educational institution. These quality tools are of great importance for evaluating the amount of efforts that are to be carried out by the government to develop the education institutions and promote them across the globe for the same. There are various quality tools available for the organization and they have been obtained in the figure below:

Analyzing the quality process
The above mentioned quality process can be analyzed through identifying the factors that are prevailing in it and are contributing to the allocation of the universities and the development of new courses in them for the different colleges developed across UAE. The quality process that has been used in the Ministry of education in UAE has been analyzed on the basis of the expenditure that the nationals and the expatriates are ready to make in the field of higher education in UAE. the quality process can be analyzed on the basis of the following factors:
Evaluating the number of course available:
It involves identifying the different options that are available to the students in the form of different courses for higher education.
Analyzing the feasibility of the courses offered:
It involves developing an analysis of the cost at which these courses are offered. The economic consideration is one of the most important factor in establishing the needs of the students and evaluating the appropriateness of the university to fulfill the same.
Evaluating the quality offered in these higher education institutions
The quality management across the higher education institutions has to be obtained through identifying the various quality elements that are to be considered for measuring the quality management process across these organizations. It involves developing a quality check on the different parameters that are present and provided in the institution.
Comparing it with the international standards set by the educational institutions across the globe:
The quality that has been developed in the educational institutions across the globe involves following of a standard benchmark that has been set for them through the international educational standards. It involves comparing the amenities, facilities and the courses that are available in the higher education institutions in UAE to the other institutions of the world.
There are other parameters that help in analyzing the quality process that is adopted in the higher education provision by the UAE government. It has a major impact on the activities that are carried in them. The willingness to spend on education depends on the level of education that is prevalent in UAE and its quality is accessed by the people before spending on it. The expenditure that has been made by the expatriates as well as the Nationals in UAE has been shown in the following graph.

Thus, it can be seen that on comparing the amount spend on the education by the expatriates and the nationals in the countries of Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE, it is obtained that they have been differentiated trends observed in these countries in terms of their expenditure on education. Hence, it can be established that there is great scope of improvement and development in the field of higher education in UAE as compared to the other countries. It involves evaluating the factors that are responsible for such condition of the UAE higher education and developing universities accordingly after certifying them with certain standard benchmarks.
Thus, it can be observed that the Ministry of Higher Education has been continuously striving to improve the quality of education that is existing in UAE. It involves developing the system to such a level that the main function of the education ministry of providing education to the maximum number of people and maintaining high international standards of quality has been achieved. For this purpose, the infrastructure of the universities has to be developed accordingly by considering the various other world-class universities as benchmarks and then developing their own benchmarks in the education field of UAE. The quality of education has to be determined by the number of students that are coming from other countries to study in the higher education institutes in UAE. It involves developing the main sources of the education department that attract maximum number of students that are local as well as those who are from international origins.
It has to be observed that the main function of imparting education is carried out efficiently through the universities. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of higher education in UAE to provide high quality of education through the academic experience that the national as well as international students would obtain. It also involves considering the major advantage of developing world class amenities in the organization through the development of excellent campus and faculties that have considerable amount of experience.
It should be observed that the main function of the education department is to maintaining the quality of education that is imparted to the students and at the same time to ensure that the education that is imparted to the students is of some use. It also involves developing the factors that includes the development of sources for the development of the higher education sources available throughout UAE.
The main function of the quality of education that is developed through the ministry of education in UAE serves to increase the number of foreign students that they are getting from the international education opportunities and different training courses provided by them in their universities.
There has been development of new educational organizations across UAE that has the potential to provide the high quality education to the students. But, it does not only include developing new sources of education but the existing universities in UAE have shown tremendous improvement in their quality as mentioned in the analyzing section. Thus, it has to be observed that the development of such sources in UAE has helped in developing the quality of education and that has resulted in increasing the economy of UAE. The technological advancements that are made are on the basis of the facilities and amenities along with the academic excellence available to the students that are studying in UAE.

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